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At HomeLife Classic Realty Inc. we have positioned ourselves to be among the most competitive and most approachable brokerage in the GTA when it comes to dealing with our Sales Reps.

We are also solidly positioned to be the most accomodating service provider to our Sales Staff.

We are Family. We are Strong.

How I Help My Salespeople Succeed

  1. EXPERIENCE:   27 Years in Real Estate – As a Salesman and as a Manager
  2. EXPERIENCE:   20 Years Owner of my own Marketing Company with many Fortune 500  Companies as My Clients
  3. TRAINING:       Interactive weekly training seminars – 2 hours of group Q&A as well as regular special guest trainers to get you what you need to move forward with confidence and tools
  4. COACHING:     Personal training and coaching sessions – unlimited timing
  5. MENTORING:  Go on Listing Appointments with, and conduct BRA signing meetings for, the Benefit of My Salespeople to get them Best Listing Prices, Top Commissions and Signed BRAs
  6. MARKETING:   Materials to get listings, full commissions, the best listing prices include…
    1. Listing Presentation
    2. Pre-Listing Presentation
    3. BRA Presentation
    4. Just Listed / Just Sold
    5. Door Knocking Material
    6. Feature Sheets
    7. Farming Flyers
    8. Your Personal Branding
    9. Monthly Newsletters
    10. Blogging Material
    11. Personal Creative Marketing Ideas
  7. 5-YEAR PLAN:   A plan without strategies is just a “wish” – Let’s put one together
  8. CLAUSES:         Make More and Save Thousands of Dollars using My Special Clauses
  9. REACHABLE:    And Available 24/7. Response to your questions, concerns and needs within minutes of being contacted – a) by phone, b) by email, c) by text
  10. SUPPORT:        We have the BEST Admin and Front Desk Staff I have had in 27 Years in Real Estate. Get…
    1. Your listings uploaded
    2. Your offers done
    3. The Phones Answered within the first 3 rings
    4. Messaged immediately
    5. Commission cheques paid today or e-transferred to your bank overnight
    6. I check every listing and marketing piece you do so that your listings look professional and your marketing is compliant
    7. I protect you from getting into trouble, and defend you if necessary when you are called up before RECO or TREB
    8. When you need the right wording for a specific situation, I put everything else aside to get you what you need in order to succeed and look good
  11. CONTRACTS:   Your Contract will be worked out to your best advantage and to your comfort. The term is usually for 1 year. There is NO penalty for early termination of your contract. If you’re not happy or successful, you should be able to follow your path of least resistance without penalty or encumbrance. True?

And if that’s not enough of a Resume, let’s consider that I am the Broker/Owner of the company - not another manager who is getting paid - and hoping that you don’t need him for anything today.

BTW - Should I mention that everything here is provided FREE and part of your Contract? It is!

Your Success is My Success

I am, always, your “Ghost Buster”

Sam Green B.A., Broker of Record/Owner




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