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I’ve Got Gas


So, my wife calls me at 10:30 at night on her way home and tells me to get dressed quickly and go out to fill the tank because gas prices are scheduled to rise by about 4 cents per litre by midnight, and the line-ups at the pump are huge.

What did I do? I said, “Okay, dear. Thanks for the call.” And I settled in to watch the end of my show on TV.

Are you kidding???

I really do appreciate her trying to save us money. I simply cannot understand the mentality of people lined up for an hour to save 4 cents a litre… only once!

If I Had a Hammer…


My son comes up to me and tells me that he just saw a hammer at the home improvement store for $200. He’s young and working in construction doing house framing and carpentry.

And I said, “Why would you need a $200 hammer?”

Typical dumb parental remark. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Gossip is Cancer


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell (U.S. motivational speaker)

Some people are so good with words. They say things in such a way as to inspire us, make us think, even help us to change the way we live. They use words to elevate us.

The Power of Choice


“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare

Those that Can, Do. Those that Can’t, Teach!


What arrogance!

When I was in school, there were teachers I liked and teachers I didn’t like. There were good teachers and others who should have taken a job cleaning fish. But, to come up with such an all-encompassing platitude is not only ignorant, it’s downright arrogant.

Thank You


The power of the words “Thank You” is not lost on me. And I use those words to express my appreciation MOST OF THE TIME, as an automatic response to a service SOME OF THE TIME and to ingratiate myself or put on a show NEVER!

The response to “Thank you” is interesting.

Quebec Does it Again


As an ex-Montrealer I guess I have some right to my opinion on Quebec.

When I was living in Montreal back before I left in 1982…

… I thought it was counter-productive to waste an opportunity to learn a second language, so I learned how to speak French, but the French didn’t think it was in their best interests to learn English.

Lack of Confidence or Lack of Facts?


Which is it?

It’s decision time. Some of us make decisions easily, whether or not they are right or wrong in the final analysis. We make them because we are confident with ourselves and our decision making abilities. This comes from confidence. The confidence comes from one of four things:

Ring a Bell, I want to Salivate


Are we being programmed?


What are the most obvious indicators of the pandemic mindset that has taken hold of the western world? What has happened? What’s happening still?

Yes, Dear


After a few relationships over a period of more than a few years, there are few excuses left for failing at both the relationships and the excuses.

After a few career changes and more than a few reasons for those changes, there remain few excuses for failing at both of these as well.

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