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What’s In It For Me?


Whether I’m interviewing someone to join my real estate team or a prospective buyer or seller, the major question on their minds would be “What’s in it for me?”.

Whether I am interviewing a prospective trade or supplier, advertiser or service provider, etc., the major question I have in mind is “What’s in it for me?”.

Thank You CREA


This is amazing!

Here’s this TV commercial.



A big part of the negotiation process is RESOLUTION.

Resolving the differences between parties…

Resolving the issues that confront two parties…

Resolving animosities that separate two parties…

We All Have Two Choices


We can make a living or we can design a life – Jim Rohn

Here is a philosophy I can finally relate to. Thanks Jim Rohn.

Part Time Living? Part Time Life


In 2015 there were about 40,000 real estate sales people registered with the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). More than 70% made less than $40,000 for the year. That means a very large percentage of these sales people are part time sales people.

Kudos to them. They can make a few extra bucks per year for whatever reasons…



One psychiatrists, passing another in the hallway of an institution, nods at the other and says, “Good morning”.

The second psychiatrist thinks, “I wonder what she meant by that”.

Is This You?


You spend $300 on a meal to impress your client but eat the daily special Subway sandwiches for under four bucks at lunch to save money.

You put out $1,000 on the suit or outfit you bought so that you can look your best when you go out to do business, but your socks and underwear are the cheap stuff you only buy at Wal-Mart.





Arthur Conan Doyle penned the Sherlock Holmes stories. One of these was called “The Five Percent Solution”. As a Realtor, I would have written the story differently. Here’s how I would have written it.


My Car as a Space Ship


It’s the strangest feeling to get into my car. I feel as if I’m in a space ship traveling through the galaxy.

Limiting Beliefs


When I was in University, doing my stint in the Psychology Major program, I was made aware of an experiment that had been done.

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