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Banks - Too Dumb


On February 4, 2014 an article appears in the Toronto Star newspaper which indicates that an economist for the TD bank, one Diana Petromala, indicates that the Toronto housing market is 10 to 15 percent overvalued. She goes on to say that if mortgage rates “spike” it could “send resale home prices tumbling by 25 percent”.

Let’s Try It


Here we are in a world which we created where permanence has been sadly exiled from the Garden of Eden, but hopefully not forever.

We live in a “Let’s Try It” universe, so let’s try it on for size.

Honor Your Mother and Your Father


Does it make sense… I ask again, does it make sense to have to be told to honour our mothers and our fathers?

What Would God Do?


I’m a parent. God help me.

I’m also human. God help those around me.

A better Place


My late wife, Cathy, died on July 10, 2010.

She left me with four teenagers. Teens are not easy. Children are not easy. They have a tendency to be emotional, judgemental, and say hurtful things… like “Mom would never have said THAT to me!” Or how’s this one? “It should have been you instead of Mom.”



I always thought that to expand your consciousness was the way to go. Expansion. Back in the sixties, when I was growing up, “expand your mind” was not only a great slogan for doing hallucinogenic drugs, but it also carried a positive onus for releasing yourself from those burdensome limiting beliefs that bind us to our past and weigh us down; restricting us from succeeding.

Driving Your Cell Phone


Not unlike a car, actually.

There are rules of the road.

In the Shadow of a Giant


I wondered as a child how it must have felt to be in the shadow of a giant.

Jack the Giant killer – children’s story. David and Goliath – biblical tale. Godzilla the movies. Jurassic Park the movies. Real live whales, elephants, giraffes... you get the picture.

Being Special


It can be hard to be special.

Yesterday while I was driving home someone who was probably texting while driving cut me off. He didn’t even look up to see what he had done. I was upset. And I thought about something special that I had heard once upon a time. Let me share it with you.

One day the head had an idea. It said to the rest of the body, “I am special. I think. I control many functions. Without me where would you all be?”

Beating up the Underdog


Let’s define a Bully.

Wikipedia defines bullying as:

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