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Wouldn’t it be Nice to be Asked…


Who has more power, the one asking the questions or the one with the answers?

What does the one with the answers learn when he or she is talking?

What does the one who asks a question learn when he or she asks a question?



People think Realtors make too much money. That’s one reason sellers don’t want to pay much commission. (Obviously another reason is because they don’t like to pay for what they feel they aren’t getting. Who can blame them? Go figure.) It’s not a good reason, but it still happens, that Buyers want part of a Realtor’s commission back to them (usually in cash).

Can We Change For Others?


There’s changing for someone else. There’s changing because of someone else. There’s even changing into someone else. (Although this last one is probably more true of “The Hulk” than of someone like me.)

The Power of Choice


“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare

Realtor/Mortgage Broker = Trouble


So you decided to cover both bases because it sort of made sense... you could offer two services and be better equipped to be indispensible to your clients... not to mention make more money.

So where is the down side to all this?

Are You Kidding?


I go to the gym to work out… to exercise. Why else get up early in the morning or delay dinner after work to get to the place where you can work off the sweets from last night or the sweat from the office?

So I have to laugh.

The Seed I Planted


The seed I planted long ago was a complex seed. It had DNA and history. I did not plant it and forget about it. I surrounded it with tenderness and love. I watered it with my blood, sweat and tears. I chased away the bugs and protected the new growth from weeds and other dangers with my eyes, my arms and my mind. I showed the little sprout how to face the sun. I taught the new growing entity how to bend when the wind was strong.

Congratulations Canada


Isn’t it nice to know that we now have a “New Canada”.

Also may I add that it’s nice to think that in a “New Canada” we might in the future not repeat the stupidity that was this election?

If You Want Something… ASK!


My wife, Renee, has taught me that asking is a great way to ensure getting something. The old expression, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get” still rings true. In fact it’s truer now than ever before.

Fifty years ago, asking for something might have been considered tacky or “gauche.

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