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An Itch to Scratch


Got an itch? Scratch an itch. That’s my philosophy.

It’s not really a philosophy. It’s just mostly an instant reaction, more often than not without much thought, so it can’t really be a philosophy because  philosophies require thought. No thinking to be done here.

Fool Me


Sung to the Beatles’ tune of “Love me do”.

Fool fool me do.

You know I’d fool you.

Thank You


I used to have a temper.

I’ll TRADE You


We never really know, do we, what motivates people?

We guess, and there are several dependable parameters from which to take a leap: Money. Greed. Ego. Kindness. Love. Need. Fear… you get the picture.

Promises! Promises!


I started writing this blog by talking about how I don’t make promises I can’t keep. I included my history of my relationships with my children family and friends. But it all seemed so personal and why would anyone care, so instead let’s make it about people in general and you in particular...

Take the Shot


I play golf about once a week. Other golfers play even less than I do.

I also go bowing about once a week.  

So, if I don’t play all that well on the golf course or score poorly on the bowling alley, why would I get upset? If I don’t work on it, practice or at least play more often I have no reason to believe that I should be better than I am. True?

Real Estate Commissions Getting Killed


Sophia Harris on CBC News posted in January 2015 is of the opinion that the rising prices of homes has resulted in Real Estate sales people getting paid too much commissions and as a result should be getting paid less. Not exactly the wording, but the message is the same.

She quotes a few people who have successfully paid less for the sale of their homes, and happy to do so.

Base Beat

Everybody wants to be the singer in the band. The singer is centre stage. All eyes are on the singer.

It’s amazing how the lead guitarist moves those fingers and produces those beautiful or gut wrenching notes because the guitar is an extension of his hands.

My Cell Phone’s Favorite Pet

I am my cell phone’s favorite pet, and I’m proud of it. I was once teacher’s pet, but that didn’t work out because every year I would have a new teacher and have to start all over again. This is much more permanent.

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