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In any given business the one who works gets paid. TRUE? In Real Estate You do the work – your Broker gets paid. TRUE? Let’s see if we can set things right for a change.

How about if I go to work for you with all the tools and systems you see above, and YOU get paid? How about you finally get the support you have been missing?

How about you take an hour to find out what this could mean for you and your family? How about a trade… an hour of your time to make a meaningful change in your career and therefore in your life?

How about you pick up the phone right now and give me a call for a confidential appointment? NO pressure – NO commitment.



 Features                          &        Benefits


Weekly Group Training

 Learn, Ask, Participate, Share with &from the Best


Personal Training and Coaching

Individual Personal Growth & Accountability


Specialized Marketing Systems

Reflecting Your Personality and Comfort Zone


Workable Business Plan

Fulfilling Your Needs and Satisfying Your Family's Needs


Open Concept Office Environment

Full Transparency For All


Comfortable & Reasonable Brokerage Fees

More Net Income For You



Here is What You Can Expect:


  • Listing Presentation

Get more listings - Get HigherCommissions


  • Pre-Listing Package

Never Lose a Listing before You Get There


  • Buyer (BRA) Presentation

No More Time Wasters. Buyers Who Buy


  • Preset Agreements of Purchase and Sale (Including Schedule A clauses)

Ready to Fill and Sign


  • Preset Lease Agreements (Ready to Use)

This is the One That Works


  • Commercial Agreements and Clauses and Support

Not Every Brokerage Can Handle This


  • Special Forms

Created to Save You and Your Money


  • Special Clauses

Created to Make You Money and Save Deals


  • Special Considerations

Who Will Go With You on Those Listing Presentations When You Need the Support? Who Will Be There For You When Your Buyers Don't Want to Sign The BRA? Who Will Answer Your Questions 24/7?


                                    We Will


That's a Promise Our Family of Sales Reps Have Come To Depend On






Let's Book A Time To Meet