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Chicken Soup


There may be no truth to the rumour that chicken soup cures everything. In fact I am fairly sure I don’t believe a word of it. But it does bring up an interesting concept.

What if we simply believe it without any empirical evidence. Just believe. Just like that. No proof. Nothing but about a thousand years of beliefs. How does that feel? Any pain there? Any discomfort?

Of course if you’re a medical person there will be some discomfort. You believe that if it can’t be proven, it is not valid. I get that. Really I do. What I have a problem with is the belief or faith thing that happens when someone sets his or her mind on something and makes it come true just because that person believed it to be true.

Has that ever happened? Probably about a billion times. It’s just hard to prove, that’s all.

We all have some inkling about how it’s possible that if we believe we will fail, we often tend to make it happen… the self-fulfilling-prophesy-thing. Some of us are fortunate enough to believe that if we have a positive attitude, we can make things happen.

Some people believe that they are cursed or just plain UNLUCKY.  I believe they make their own luck.

For me, it’s like this… My wife is a worrier. I call her “Xena, princes worrier”! She says I don’t worry enough. I say I don’t need to worry because in my life things have a tendency to work themselves out in the end to something positive. She says I shouldn’t live my life expecting things to work out because then I trust to fate and don’t work hard enough to make things happen.

I say, I do work to make things happen, I just believe they will happen. It’s about a positive attitude. And the interesting thing is that things do work out for the best.

And I still also believe in fate.

But why am I rambling on about all this? It’s because too many people don’t believe in the power of chicken soup. It’s not about the chicken, or the quality of the water, or the vegetables or seasoning or the cooking process. It’s not about the finished product. It’s about the ingredients.

The finished product is a belief that it will work. The ingredients are the components we use to make it all work. We have to believe it will work. And if all it does is fill a void in your head, then that’s good enough.

So, if you’re not a believer or you’re not sure, don’t worry about it. Have yourself a cup of chicken soup, believe it will work and get a good night’s rest…

… and call me in the morning.

Sam Green


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