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On the weekend I happened to go to a cemetery to pay my respects to someone who recently passed on. Having been touched by the grim reaper in my own family not long ago, I was sensitized to the experience, and in a feeble effort to try to maintain a more detached demeanor for fear of getting too emotional, I started reading some of the inscriptions on the headstones. I was impressed by the warmth and love that was expressed on most of them. Some were quite creative. The one that struck me the most read…

Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.

WOW! That hit me on so many levels I had to sit down!

Yesterday is history. Of course we should look back in time so that we learn from our mistakes. But too many of us dote on the past. We live with regrets as if we could have done things differently if only we had a crystal ball. We regret, we blame, we wish undone. It’s so easy to look back at what shoulda, coulda, and hada been. Hindsight is 20/20. And we do all this in the present, in the TODAY.

Tomorrow is a mystery. We can plan. We should plan. We should strategize. We should anticipate. We should use the lessons from the past to set a route for our future endeavors. And when best to accomplish this? In the present. TODAY.

Those two are relatively easy because they are not tangible. Yesterday can be managed by putting things in perspective and moving on. Easy, no. Manageable, yes. Tomorrow is where we point the bow of our vessel and strive to put the wind at our backs. But it is not controllable. It’s not in our hands.

The really hard one is TODAY. TODAY is a gift because we have been given this time and there is no guarantee that there will another one tomorrow which would make the yesterdays no longer important. TODAY is a gift that we all too often squander by not listening to the lessons of yesterday or not planning for tomorrow. We waste it by putting off till tomorrow what we should be doing TODAY and turning the yesterday into an exercise of regrets.

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know what it’s like to experience regrets; of ruing the times you might have made more meaningful if only you hadn’t taken the TODAYS for granted, and the people and pets you had taken for granted, and the opportunities you turned your back on because you just didn’t see the importance of grabbing onto the gift you had been given.

We all take things for granted until we lose them. Then we regret it. Then we do it all again. So, if we haven’t learned anything from the past, from the yesterdays, how can we plan to make changes in the future, in the tomorrows, by doing what we should be doing TODAY?

That is why I sat down at the first possible opportunity (an opportunity not missed), to share with you these thoughts. I did not put them off till tomorrow. I will have no regrets about this. I did it TODAY.

Have a gifted TODAY.


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