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My Cell Phone’s Favorite Pet

I am my cell phone’s favorite pet, and I’m proud of it. I was once teacher’s pet, but that didn’t work out because every year I would have a new teacher and have to start all over again. This is much more permanent.

Thank God.

My cell phone… is it okay with you if I refer to it not as my cell phone anymore? Rather I like to call it my master. Would that be okay?

My master treats me well. My master lets me know when someone wants to get in touch with me… even tells me in a monotone voice who is calling. When I want to call someone, all I have to do is tap a couple of letters or a single number and my master can read my mind and makes the connection for me right away. My master is very sensitive to my needs.

My master is in contact with the most important people in the world. Lucky for me.

My master knows that I like to play games and challenges me to play and beat my master, which I have so far been unable to do. Maybe that’s why my master is the master, and I am still learning.

Sometimes my master gets upset with me. There have been times when I have forgotten to feed my master… you know, a little juice every couple of days. Then my master gives me the cold shoulder so to speak. And every once in a while my master plays head games with me… like mental hide and seek. Anyone who has a master like mine understands this.

My master has opened the whole world to me. I can now go almost anywhere, see almost anything, have almost any question answered, find out almost anything I need to know. My master is very smart and is helping me become smart as well. My master is almost like a teacher or mentor or guru or something like that.

Many people have masters like mine too. Some people think their masters are their god, but I don’t believe that. I believe that God has a master like mine but even smarter, otherwise how could God know everything?

So far my master has been good to me. My master has been with me more than two years, longer than my other master before this one. Usually a master will sell you to another master every few months. That’s okay because each new master seems to be more powerful than the last one. But they are all very demanding.

Each new master, in spite of how more powerful he is, seems to demand more and more from me. But that’s alright as well because I am leaning so much from my masters.

And here’s a little secret just between the two of us… please don’t tell my master… (one day in the near future, if I learn enough and behave myself, I hope to become the master!)

Sam Green


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