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Base Beat

Everybody wants to be the singer in the band. The singer is centre stage. All eyes are on the singer.

It’s amazing how the lead guitarist moves those fingers and produces those beautiful or gut wrenching notes because the guitar is an extension of his hands.

Rhythm guitars and base guitars, flutes, brass wind instruments and keyboards are the fillers and sometimes the featured players in the band.

All of those mentioned have certain things in common. They are all about ONE INSTRUMENT. They all have a specialized function. And without the drummer, they would probably be able to participate in a band, but they would have nothing to keep them on track with each other.

The drummer manages any number of instruments all at the same time...

The base drum (sometimes 2 base drums), the snare drum, the tom-tom (sometimes 2-4), typically 4 cymbals including the hi-hat, Rides, Crashes, Effects cymbals, Splash, Chinas, and Accent cymbals, often a woodblock, a cowbell, tambourine, timbales, xylophone, tubular bells, gongs, bar chimes, and found objects like spanners, brake drums, buckets and cardboard boxes...

He is working both hands, arms, feet and legs at the same time for as many as 20 objects each with its own sound and he has to keep it all in a beat for the other instruments to follow if the band is to make music. He is like the beating heart in your body and his beat reaches out to all the other parts of the body to keep them in sync.

The other instruments depend on fingers, lips and lungs. The drummer is more of an athlete because managing all these instruments is highly physical as well as being demanding on his absolute concentration. And in case you have ever noticed, in many bands when the members go off stage to take a break, it’s the drummer who performs a long and strenuous solo for the audience.

Here’s why I am telling you this...

In my world, the world of Real Estate, the singer is your Agent, the wordsmith who sells and negotiates. The lead guitar is the mortgage broker or the lawyer. The fill instruments are the support staff... the receptionist, the administrator, the accounting, the marketing, the people in the background who support and carry the singer.

The drummer is me, the broker of record, the manager, the guy who keeps an eye on everything and everyone, the guy who answers the questions 24/7, the guy who is moving arms and legs all at the same time and carries the daily beat of the office like the heart does in the body.

Sure a singer can go solo, even play a guitar while singing. And we love those performers. But a band is a completely other type of performance. In the past decade, the Real Estate industry has changed. The advent of the “Team” agents is what a lot of sellers and buyers is looking for because it represents strength, stability, performance and success.

Much as we would like to deny it or put it down in order to justify our individual business model and fool ourselves into believing that sellers and buyers work with us because it’s us they trust and like, the truth is that the “Team” market is working better than the “Me” concept of olden days.

And the “Team Leader” or manager, if you prefer, is the drummer who keeps the beat.

In our industry, it is common knowledge that a brokerage’s success depends on the manager. It is also unanimously agreed by broker/owners that agents are all different, some better, some less productive, but all easily moved around. However, a good manager is very hard to find.

So, as a successful manager/broker-of-record, I continue to send out the word that I have something special to offer my agents. I have systems and tools. I help. I care.

And as long as I am able, I will continue to pound on those drums to let everyone know what’s happening in this jungle.

And I will make sure that the beat goes on...

Sam Green


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