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I used to have a temper.

Now I have a wife. She has taught me how to view people, events and the world in general in a more tempered perspective. And I would like to share this with you.


To the fellow who pushed into me trying to get through the same door I was halfway through and going in the opposite direction while he was on his cell phone, I understand now that you were not being rude, thoughtless or disrespectful. You were complimenting me on how trim I looked and to prove it, you could slip right in beside me and get through easily. Thank You.


To the young driver in the little car – you know the one – the little guy who cuts in and out of traffic, I now appreciate that he isn’t driving recklessly or with no regard for other drivers. He is trying to demonstrate how flexible and manoeuvrable his little Hyundai is. To you - and you know who you are - I say, “Perhaps you are one day aspiring to be a car salesman. So, Thank You.”


Of course the lady driver who will not let me enter traffic from the mall lot or the gas station isn’t actually exercising some anonymous power one might feel in the protected environs of being in a car, and certainly not being unfriendly or unaccommodating. She is actually being considerate because she is expecting to get into a car accident a little way down the road and wants to keep me from getting involved. How can I Thanks You,  Lady?


Let me not forget the childlike actions of the young fella who cuts in front of me in the theatre ticket line. I realize with appreciation that it was not done out of selfishness, lack of consideration or a sense of personal entitlement. It was his consideration of wanting to help me hold onto my theatre ticket money for as long as possible, in case the money in my pocket earns interest over the long run. Thank You Mr. Theatre-Goer and Financial Adviser Person.


And although I would like to say, “finally”, but can’t because there seems to be no real end to the examples of how human beings can act toward other human beings “without bad intent”, I would like to make special mention of those innumerable people who have cut me off, interfered, interrupted, ignored and otherwise caused me to step back and wonder why the show of disrespect for a senior citizen. I did wonder, until it finally came to me. They are not showing disrespect to a senior citizen simply because they do not see me as a senior. They all think of me as younger than I really am. So, Thank You All.


Thank You All, and Please Keep Up The good Work. We appreciate what You do.


Sam Green B.A.

Broker of Record / Owner / Career Coach / Manager

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