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Congratulations Canada


Isn’t it nice to know that we now have a “New Canada”.

Also may I add that it’s nice to think that in a “New Canada” we might in the future not repeat the stupidity that was this election?

Upon a deeper thought processes, I find myself coming to the conclusion that it was not Justin Trudeau who won the election to the most sought after position in Canada. It was Mr. Harper who lost the people’s votes.

Not because Mr. Harper wasn’t a great Prime Minister. In my opinion he was exactly that... a great representative of Canada worldwide. He was elegant and well spoken, unlike Mr. Cretien (How the hell did we put that monkey in at the head of the class?)

Mr. Harper was a great Prime Minister, but he was not a very warm personality to endear himself to the Canadian people.

It is also much easier to attack the incumbent for failures than it is to attack an enthusiastic and charismatic young upstart with no experience and no history of failure. So, it would have been easy for Mr. Trudeau to conduct a dirty campaign against the Harper administration and Conservatives than it would have been for the Conservatives to attack Mr. Trudeau.

Oops, I think I said “would have been”, when I really meant was “DID”. That dirty war waged against the Harper government by the Liberals and the blindfolded Mr. Trudeau (see no evil), is a great way to justify the means as a viable route toward the ends.

To me, this was nothing less than a red flag for Canadians to be wary of, as in what the Liberals under Mr. Trudeau are capable of in the name of winning.

Congratulations Canada. Obviously it was more important to you all to have the Blue Jays win than to elect a sensible government.



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