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People think Realtors make too much money. That’s one reason sellers don’t want to pay much commission. (Obviously another reason is because they don’t like to pay for what they feel they aren’t getting. Who can blame them? Go figure.) It’s not a good reason, but it still happens, that Buyers want part of a Realtor’s commission back to them (usually in cash).

The disease has spread so far already that it is now pandemic.

And we have only ourselves to blame.

How so?

Well, if someone says to YOU, “If YOU don’t do it I will find someone who will…” Do YOU do it or say no thanks when YOU’re not really making enough to stay in the business in the first place? What about the “someone who will”? There are lots of those around. Thanks for everything.

The real problem is not so much with the ones who have to, the “others who will”, the sellers who don’t or won’t pay, the buyers who want or threaten to, and all the stories of the big fish that got away…

The real problem is that 100% (more or less if that’s possible) of Realtors believe that it’s all about them… the broker doesn’t matter, the brand doesn’t matter… it’s all about what they do to sell themselves that counts.

Bravo! It is all about YOU!

YOU are the ones taking less and giving away more!

YOU are the reason YOU don’t make enough money!

And to prove it, let me tell YOU something… more than 70% of YOU did less than 4 deals all year in 2014. That means that more than 70% of YOU made on average less than $40,000 in gross commissions that year, and in fact... most years.


It’s YOU who don’t believe that YOU get what YOU pay for, and your clients believe that about YOU too!

It’s YOU who deny that YOU are the author of YOUR own misfortunes, YOUR own lack of production, and YOUR own eventual demise in this industry.

It’s YOU who blame your broker or manager for YOUR failures, the same way your expired listings blame YOU for the fact that their properties didn’t sell. YOU know they didn’t sell most likely because their price was unreasonable or they otherwise didn’t help the sale along through whatever misguided thinking process.

It’s YOU who become YOUR Seller or YOUR buyer when the thinking suits YOU.

Isn’t it time (before the clock runs out on YOU) to start taking stock of the situation. It’s not all about YOU. It’s about YOU and your BROKER, YOU and your MANAGER, YOU and your BRAND!

Ever heard this one… “United we stand, divided we fall”?

YOU are divided if YOU doesn’t include your SUPPORT TEAM, your SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Your broker, your manager, your brand, the people in your administration… these are all part of who you are.  Believe it or not! They affect your daily successes and failures.

Don’t believe it?

Think you stand alone? Your brokerage affects you. Your spouse affects you. Your children affect you. Friends affect you. The weather affects you.  

We are all subject more to the environment than we think. The problem is that we think! We think it’s all about us.

Here’s a novel idea… Think less, Do more! And do it by taking your support team into the battle with you. Get your broker or manager or coach or mentor to teach you how to get a bigger commission on your listings, give up less or not at all with your buyers.

Get rid of your limiting belief systems and start to believe that anything is possible if you have the systems, tools, training and support you deserve.

But first of all you must learn to let go of yourself. YOU are not alone. And if YOU feel you are all alone, then get out of your rut and find a place where you belong -  a placed where you are not all alone.

Find a home. Find a friend. Find a coach.

Then you may finally truly find YOURSELF.

Sam Green 

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