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Wouldn’t it be Nice to be Asked…


Who has more power, the one asking the questions or the one with the answers?

What does the one with the answers learn when he or she is talking?

What does the one who asks a question learn when he or she asks a question?

Can the one who has the answers ever run out of answers?

Can the one asking the questions ever run out of questions?

So, who is in control and why do we need to be in control anyway? Does it really matter?

Here’s what I think about what matters… when you ask a question you are also making several statements. You are saying that you trust the other person to give you the answer (and I am talking about real questions, not rhetorical ones). You are saying that you are sincerely interested in what the other person has to say; that you care. You are indicating that you are open to learning from or about that person. Some questions ask the person to confirm what they have already told you and so this type of question proves that you are listening and understanding, and that shows maturity, caring and in the right circumstances… professionalism. Does this make sense?

Those are important statements to make and the questions are the greatest way to make those statements, in my opinion. Would you agree?

But there is something else. In a personal relationship being asked also means that there has been consideration. How often do we hurt someone by doing something without consulting the other person? Asking shows consideration. As a man, I feel that I must admit that generally speaking, we men are more guilty of this than women. For all men out there, may I have your permission to apologize en mass?

So, here’s a question I would like to ask of you…

If you want or need something (anything) from me that I can do for you, will you actually pick up the phone and call me and ask?

Was that really a question?

Sam Green


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