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Limiting Beliefs


When I was in University, doing my stint in the Psychology Major program, I was made aware of an experiment that had been done.

Fleas can apparently jump very high. A group of them were placed in a Mason jar and the lid put on. When the fleas jumped they hit the lid. After a few days the lid was removed. The fleas continued to jump only to the level of the where the lid had been. They had been programmed to avoid hitting their heads on the lid even though it was no longer there.

Dolphins can jump really high. When a net is placed in the water and the top of the net does not reach above the water line, dolphin will refuse to jump over the net to the other side. Perhaps they are worried about being tangled in the net in case they don’t make it.

In both cases, and perhaps for two different reasons, the subjects were restricted by their limiting beliefs.

We all suffer to some extent from limiting beliefs.

Have you ever been convinced that you couldn’t do something even before you tried to do it? Where does that come from?

Do you have trouble making decisions on your own? Where does that come from?

This is not to be confused with a phobia. Phobias are unreasonable fears, uncontrollable fears. Limiting beliefs are, by definition, not real fears. They are no more than beliefs of a negative nature. 

“ I don’t think I can” – not -  “I’m afraid to”

A limiting belief could be a function of stubbornness. It could be the result of a lack of confidence.  It could also be – and more often than any other reason – as a result of a lack of information or knowledge.

Would it be fair to assume that if “knowledge is power”, then a limiting belief (which is a lack of power) could be set aside when more information and knowledge are presented?

At the very least, can we assume that if we are made aware of our limiting beliefs we have a better chance of overcoming those limitations and making a success from what was once a stumbling block?

How to go about this?

I do not have to be a psychiatrist or psychologist or even a palm reader to point someone in the right direction. In fact with a little introspection, a person could recognize and quantify his/her own “pot hole”. The trick is in figuring out how to get out of the way of the pot holes, because unlike the ones in the road, these pot holes can jump out at you and cost you huge amounts of money.

Ever notice how professional athletes all have personal coaches? Ever wonder why?

It’s not hard to figure out. A loss in sports represents possibly millions of dollars and of course reputation. So, if you have hit a pot hole and you’re stuck in it, the best you can do is call on someone who can evaluate what brought you to this and how to rise above it.

It’s a pair of outside-yourself eyes. It’s a professional evaluation.  

And if you’re smart enough to make the adjustment, no matter how big or small, you will turn your world around... until the next time in sports, and in business, until the market changes and you need to rethink your direction, your position, your approach, your methodology – your thinking.

That’s what I do. Combined with years of marketing background and an eye for what might be holding you back, I can evaluate your condition and offer suggestions on how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Of course if someone is stubborn and refuses to recognize or make adjustments, it won’t matter what I have to offer, because it will not help that person. But if there’s a real desire to overcome, to jump higher than a Mason jar lid, to vault oneself over an imaginary net in the water, there’s a good chance someone could set a new course in his/her career and benefit not only themselves, but their family, friends and clients as well.

It’s not about hyping someone up. There is no lecture or pep talk.

It’s about evaluations and suggestions... suggestions based on real values, real issues, real options, real solutions.

A limiting belief is not a fact of failure. It’s an opinion, a thought process that has yet to be addressed and disproven in order to be discarded. But you have to be ready. As with all things, it’s all about time and place... the right time and the right place.

But if you are having a hard time making decisions, continue to be indecisive about which shirt to wear with what skirt or pants. Do not be indecisive about changing your situation and ridding yourself of your limiting beliefs. (At least some of them.)

Sam Green


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