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Is This You?


You spend $300 on a meal to impress your client but eat the daily special Subway sandwiches for under four bucks at lunch to save money.

You put out $1,000 on the suit or outfit you bought so that you can look your best when you go out to do business, but your socks and underwear are the cheap stuff you only buy at Wal-Mart.

You bought an $80,000 car so you can give the impression that you “have arrived”, but sit in a gas station line-up at 11pm for a half hour with the motor running on a cold and rainy night because the price of gas is due to rise by 2 cents at midnight and you could be saving $1.50.

You or your parents have spent $100,000 on getting you a university education and now you find yourself selling real estate which the education didn’t benefit you in the least, and now you won’t spend $500 on a course to teach you how to be more effective and make more money in your career.

You have committed your family to a splendid $1,000,000+ home with a hefty mortgage, in a trendy area, so that you will have a splashy address. But you complain about your large annual property tax bill and hefty monthly utilities bills.

Does any of this make sense?

It upsets you that the Sellers don’t want to pay a reasonable commission for your services or the Buyers want cash back from you for closing costs, or moving costs, and yet you look for the cheapest brokerage so you can save money... a place that gives you nothing, supports you not at all, and helps you make no money. But you feel that’s okay because after all it’s all about you... you are the reason your clients are with you, not the brokerage, not the brand, not your support system.

Is this you?

Do you not see the problem with these scenarios? Do these make sense?

What if you had assurances, guarantees in a word, that if you spent $500 on a course, or $5,000 on a coach, or $10,000 in a brokerage that could help you make an extra $100,000 in the next year, would you make that commitment?

What if you put one foot in front of the other and made a move to a broker who could assure you that if you followed his coaching, made a real commitment to do the basics, that you would make the extra $100,000 in the next 12 months, but, BUT, BUT IT WASN’T GOING TO COST YOU $500 FOR A COURSE OR $5,000 FOR A COACH OR $10,000 FOR BROKERAGE FEES...

What would you do? Would you make a call today to find out details or would you rather just sit at the gas station at 11:30 pm to save $1.50?


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