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Black isn’t always beautiful


Thanks Chris Rock. You made the 88th Academy Awards my last one.

Over the past 87 years there have been many people who have used the Awards platform to make their personal, social, political, and otherwise statements which I have always felt could be done as long as it was in good taste, or at the very least without making it something we had to swallow or choke on.

Last night the issue the black community could not control was its position that The Academy was discriminating against black people by not nominating a black actor.


Over the years many black actors have been honored. Why do you all think this was a different year? Maybe, just MAYBE there was nobody worthy of honoring.


This show was supposed to be about honoring the worthy entertainers who have brought their craft to us for our enjoyment/entertainment/education. The show itself was about entertaining the millions of viewers, the audience, the people who make the Awards possible by going to the movies.



Not only was this a political travesty, and in poor taste, it was magnified when that less-than-funny childishly pompous clown named Chris Rock started selling cookies for his kid to the audience, pointing out who should eat them because of medical condition or who should be able to afford it because he’s a multi-millionaire.


I for one have finally lost my taste for the Academy Awards and will not be a viewer again next year, or any other year for that matter, as long as the Academy permits this kind of garbage to be aired.

This is no way to thank us for the dollars we spend keeping these people in business.

Sam Green



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