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The Best Time to Be Alive


We are living in the most exciting time in the history of the world.

I have experienced The Beatles and the advent of the most exciting music ever created, notwithstanding the MASTERS.

I have seen the collapse of most of Communism.

I am an active party to the internet... the global village and Google, the most powerful tool in the history of the world.

Men walked on the moon in my lifetime.

People from all over the world can communicate with each other instantly and at no cost.

I can see and hear what is going on everywhere in the world because people everywhere have the power to let me in on their thoughts, feelings, experiences and lives.

What an amazing feeling that is.

Entertainment I would never have experienced is now available to me on something as small as a (let’s not laugh) cell phone. When cell phones first came out, I had to deal with a party line and a phone and charger which weighed as much as my ex-wife, Sandy. Ugh!

And there is so much more to be thankful for that has never existed in the history of man or the world.

So, why in the name of sanity and the future of the world, are we allowing guerilla warfare (which was once only functional in the jungles) happening in the streets of world class cities everywhere?

Why are we looking each other in the face and asking the question, “What are we doing about terrorism?” Who from the bowels of hell are ISIS and how do we send them back to the devil where they belong?

And why do these subhuman forms of life exist and dictate their misery and bring it to us? When do we start to fight back in the same way they are engaging us? Would that be wrong? Who’s to say what’s wrong? It wasn’t them! Why should it be us? Take to them today – right now – with fire in our bellies and no conscience. Let’s give these creatures from hell a taste of what we have been choking on.

I will be 69 next month.  I may not be ready, but I’m willing to take it to them. Give me some fire power, because I don’t need an excuse. I have one every day when I read about or hear of what they are doing, what they do to innocent women, children and unsuspecting people unable to fight back and defend themselves.

You think I’m angry? Angry doesn’t cut it.

Quit killing my world, my beautiful world, you monsters.

Sam Green


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