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A Tiny Scam Worth Checking Out.

A Tiny Scam worth checking out…

About every other month I find a charge on my bank statement from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) with whom I have banked for about a half century.

4 Cents charged for OD (presumably… Over Draft), where there has been NO OVERDRAFT!

Oops. Sorry. computer error.

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to have this charge reversed? Call the bank some time. Get put on hold while they find the right person to talk to. Get transferred to another one and put on hold again. Then explain the situation a third time so someone can tell you they will look into the matter. Two days later when it has not been resolved, try again.

All this to save the 4 cents?

Not happening. Not worth it. But, get this…

According to Google, RBC services 16 Million customers. Not sure if that’s in Canada only or if it includes their other branches all over the world.

16,000,000 customers at 4 cents each = $640,000 times every other month (6 times a year minimum) = $3,840,000 per year.

Almost $4 Million dollars a year coming in on an Oops.

Oops. Sorry, computer error.

$4 Million dollars every year  -  CONSERVATIVELY.

Oops. Sorry.


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