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Let's Try it

Let’s Try It

And here we are in a world which we created where permanence has been sadly exiled from the Garden of Eden, but hopefully not forever.

We live in a “Let’s Try It” universe, so let’s try it on for size.

Permanence is not just a word. Permanence does not stand alone. Permanence is a country with many states… Commitment, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty, Truthfulness, Faith, and Relationships.

Let’s Try It, on the other hand is…

  • Let’s buy it today. We can always return it tomorrow.
  • Let’s live together and decide if it’s working out before we commit.
  • Let’s get married. We can always get a divorce.
  • Let’s put in an offer on that house. We can always back out.
  • Let’s see houses with that realtor. We can always go back to our own agent later.
  • Let’s buy that house. We can sell and move in a couple of years.


Are these the values we have taught our children? Are they the values we have learned to live by? What happened to my parents’ generation… you know, the ones who lived in the same house for fifty years; the ones who never considered divorce; the generation who put their lives on the line for their country and the future of their family; the ones who took on a job they intended to keep for years and a career they committed to for life; those who started a business or a partnership with the intention of staying with it for life?


Where have all those grounded people gone who never heard the words, “Let’s Try It”, unless they were test driving a car, and not a relationship?


When I commit to training and coaching and mentoring someone who joins my office, I will only do it if the person I am talking to never says the words, “Let’s Try It”.


If I hear “Let’s Try It”, my response is, “Let’s NOT try it.”


Sam Green

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