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Feed the Fire

Ever heard of this one?

So, the Americans voted in one Mr. D. Trump… arrogant blow-hard, a man who is used to flexing his muscles, a man who wields words like a sword because he can and always could, a man whose mouth is always on the gas pedal while his brain continues to press hard on the brakes.

The media needs to feed on this fodder, but we are also getting caught up in the furor of this insanity because we simply have as yet not put this into perspective.

This is childish. This is like children who need to keep answering each other. No one knows when to walk away and drop it. It’s all about pride.

We know that pride resides big time with the President. So, let’s let it go. Let him talk and ignore him. If we don’t respond it will no longer feed his fire and he will get frustrated enough to maybe shut up as well. Don’t give him the reasons he needs to be centre stage.

That’s all. Simple.

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